Boxingday Bash


Happy Christmas,Holiday,New Year…

What did you do on Boxing day? I went and played in the snow, in a mountain
bike race (on my unicycle of course!). The race was the Boxingday bash based in
Guisbrough, North Yorkshire. It was a 2 hour Orienteering score event on
wheel/wheels. Unusually we have had quite a bit of snow this Christmas, about
3" where I live and about 5" in Guisbrough, which is slightly higher.
Unfortunately only 2 unicyclists raced this year… BUT IT WAS FUN. I
understand more of what people have been saying about riding a unicyle in snow,
great isn’t it. Ian Brough was riding one of my old unicycles a 24" pashley
with a 26" mountain bike rim and tyre, I was of course riding my carbon uni. It
is amazing the look on some peoples faces when you are still up with the
leading bunch after 15 minutes (it was all hill climb on good tracks). We did
tend to drop back throught the field while riding over the open moor land. We
tended to break through the ice where the bikes with their less weight on each
wheel did not. We collected 9 control points with a total score of 150, but
unfortunatly due to Ian having a puncture we returned 5 minutes late and lost
50 points. I don’t know about our position after our reduction on score but at
150 would have put us in the top one third! After such a strenuious day it was
of course pub crawl time (on the unicycle), what a great way to spend Boxing
Day, I don’t even mind the hang over today!

Seasonal greetings to all

Rgr Cleveland UK