Boxes headed my way from GA & FL

Someone warned me about this, was it Sofa or Paco?

Yes, I offically have three boxes headed toward Tennessee. One is the KH Wheelset that Frank A. offered For Sale several days ago on this site. Thanks Frank!

The other two are from First, I ordered my 5 year daughter a 12" Sun unicycle. Then, I have a 26" Yuni frame, plus seat post and KH seat on my way too.

I am so excite that I must sign off-line now. I am headed outside to sit and watch for a big Brown Truck. :smiley: --chirokid–

I know what you mean. I ordered my KH, Coker, 28 inch Sun and other stuff last Tuesday and was expected to be delivered Friday… I had that same excitement everyday this week (though it diminished somewhat after every day…) followed by a call to UPS trying to straighten it out. They say (again) that I should have them tomorrow (just a week late :slight_smile: ) Good luck with your schtuff and have fun :slight_smile:


Matt, those are true words of inspiration. Next time my wife starts to grumble about me ordering another unicycle, I can say “You’re just lucky I don’t order them three at a time like Matt does.”

We’ll see where that gets me… :sunglasses:

Re: Boxes headed my way from GA & FL

If you’re talking about the danger of spending all your money on unicycles, that would be me. I was convinced that once I got my Steve Howard frame turned into a muni, I would be satisfied. Now I’ve decided that I need brakes, and not just V-brakes, but Hydraulics. And now I also want a 20" trials, and a 29" or Coker commuter. Then I can stop buying unicycles. Right? Right? Oh, and I need a giraffe. And a freestyle uni (because I sometimes perform). Oh, and a uni.5 hub unicycle. Better make that 2, of different sizes. Oh, and…

Re: Boxes headed my way from GA & FL

i really want to see a picture of that
it sounds so sweet


Yay you finally got a new Muni!

chirokid, if you have toruble assembling any of that stuff just send it my way and I’ll “take” care of it for you :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what you mean about waiting for the brown truck. I’d been doing that for my Onza until told me that it’ll probably be another 3 weeks. A month later and they say it’ll be october when they have the Onzas in stock :angry: :angry: . I’ll probably be seeing the 1 year anniversary of my Onza being ordered without it being delivered yet;).

Matt: Three new unis at once, how will you get any work done? I thought it was my lucky day, and I’m just getting the pieces to build ONE Muni.

Gild: Trust me, “Sweet” is not a word you would use to describe a picture that included this feller.

Eublapharis13: Thanks for celebrating with me, I’m finally going to have a Muni!

Zod: I’ll keep the packing boxes handy, just in case I need your help… NOT :smiley: We have to get together and +
ride soon.

gerblefranklin: 3 months wait. Ouch! Sorry to hear that. I sure hope to see my boxes tomorrow.

I’m so glad to have this forum. It is wonderful. It is fun get to celebrate as others get new toys. --chirokid–