boxers vs briefs

is it really better to ride a unicycle in briefs?
any guys here ride a uni in boxers with no problems?

I hate riding in briefs, your balls get stuck in the wrong place where as in boxers you can freely move them :stuck_out_tongue:

i prefer boxer briefs, the best of both worlds. balls don’t get stuck, but much of the unneeded fabric that becomes bunched up w/ boxers is eliminated. also, they do not have that annoying boxer tendency to climb… :astonished:

i wear boxers and theyre fine :slight_smile:

i tryd briefs but one of the plums popped out when i was riding some trials.

haha that must’ve sucked bad!

If I want something to “ride up”, I’d rather it be my unicycle, not boxers, lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Neither. Bike shorts.

I ride with both, and they both feel the same.

compression shorts + bike shorts for MUni/trials/over 3 mi
just compression shorts for freestyle.

I really like boxer briefs…all i ever wear…

I hurt myself with boxers once and ever since i have work briefs and bike shorts.

I ride in the nude, helps me relax. Pedal bites suck…

:astonished: um ow! u definitly won’t be able to have kids, bbut u get the breeze on dat coker:p :smiley: :astonished: :wink:

Bike shorts are FTW but in a pinch I would go briefs over boxers, I’ve done a fair amount of riding in both, but boxers are just too lose. Fine for a quick ride around the block but if you are doing street or trials in them, I find I get sacked way worse with them than with briefs.

A trick for briefs is to wear ones that are a bit big but not so big you are floating around in them, basically enough room that you can move your nuts around without them falling out.

I think boxer briefs would probably be the best thing next to bike shorts which just pwn all.

Boxers all the way. Easy adjusting for whatever you are doing :wink:

On the steeps, MUni’s are good when riding down, and boxers are bad when riding up! :astonished:

Padded bike shorts for me! :sunglasses:

i ride in the nude not really i wear boxer-briefs

Lol, poor unicycle! :astonished: