Bowling Green Mini-meet

I got to go to my first local meet Saturday, the Mini-meet sponsored by the Wood
One Wheelers of Bowling Green, OH. It was a one day affair, held at the Maumee
Bay State Park near Toledo. I had an excellent time.

The event was somewhat informal. The straight races were the Long Course and the
Short Course, which did not have real measurements. Other races were the
one-foot, wheel walk, juggling, slow backward and forward. Most of the
participants were kids, but there were about five other people in my age
group(the 30’s), so I had some competition. At the end of the day they held a
pairs competition, in which they put people together for 1-minute routines. This
was nearly all kids. I was too exhausted by then, and a bit shy for an impromptu

Most of the people there were from two clubs, the WOW’s and the Putnam County
Club, but there were also various other people like me. One other member of the
list was there, Dirk Iwema. It’s always fun meeting people I’ve only talked to
on the net. He may be sending his report on the meet.

This small meet was good preparation for the NUC for me. I found out I’m fairly
fast, but I have a slow takeoff on the sprints. I also found that after starting
out by winning the long course, I was pooped out the rest of the day, and the
rest of my riding suffered. Of course this was also affected by the lack of
convenient water there. I dehydrated badly, and am still trying to get water
back into my body. Next time I take a big cooler with

I also got to take the level tests. I passed level 3, but missed level 4 do to
an extremely shaky and bad seat out back ride. At least I know what to work on
the next two months.

Another fun part of these events is trying other unicycles. People seemed to
like my 28" Unicycle Factory uni, and I got to try a giraffe and a Semcycle.
Dirk brought the giraffe, and at first I wasn’t up to trying it, but then
decided to try free mounting. I got up after a few minutes, but the fact that
I’ve only ridden a giraffe twice before hurt, so I didn’t go very far.

The Semcycle was the most comfortable unicycle I’ve ever ridden. Ususally when
I try someone else’s unicycle, even a new one, it doesn’t feel right, but the
24" Semcycle (not the XL) was extremely light and responsive. I already have
all the standard unicycles I can use, but if I ever have an excuse to buy one I
may do so.


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