Bowling ball robot, it's like an omnidirectional unicycle

Saw this at engadget:

that’s freaking awesome! :smiley:
would be great for carry pallets :roll_eyes:

Strange… just yesterday I’ve been thinking about having the uni with a ball instead of the wheel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but as there is no place for cranks it would be wheel… uhm… ballwalking only :wink:

lol, it’s called a walking globe : P pretty common performers prop, it’s just a big plastic ball 30" or more usually. They’re easier than a unicycle I think, been on one a few times. Much more dangerous if you fall though

They’re fun and easier than a unicycle, but a pain in the *ss to get up hills. :stuck_out_tongue:

yep I know they are walking globes, but this would be a walking globe with a seat :stuck_out_tongue:

How would you attach the seat?

EDIT: Like in the video? The seat can fall off then. :slight_smile:

Something like that, but I was thinking of having two levels of these small wheels, above and below the medium level of the big ball. e.g. connected by 3 pipes.