Bournemouth Beach Prom

I am thinking of doing a charity ride on my giraffe from Sandbanks (or as close as possible) to as close to hengistbury head as possible. Does anyone have any info on riding the Prom? Do you need permission? I understand that the prom is closed to cyclists for the summer, when does this ban come into effect? Is it posible to continue from the end of the prom around Southbourne to the harbour side of Hengistbury Head and on to the Mudeford Quay ferry (bear in mind I’m on a giraffe not a Muni!)? I was thinking of meeting up with some friends and family for an afternoon picnic/BBQ at the end, what are the authorities like when it comes to BBQs on the Beach at Hengistbury Head? Would anyone else be interested in joining me?



Fantastic! Another Unicyclist in the Area! Hey I’m Sam, I live in Poole and I… sort of… run a Unicycle club… Theres 4 Unicyclists who mainly do Muni, 5 who mainly do trials, a range who do generel unicycling and me, the 1 freestyle unicyclist!
We have ridden along the prom a lot on trials, freestyles and 36" unicycles. So yes, you can… the cyclists ban comes into effect I think around june 12th?
I can think of quite a few people interested in joining you :slight_smile:

Hi Sam, Thanks for the info.

I’m not exactly local, I live near Winchester but Bournemouth isn’t too far to travel for the day.

It’d be good to have some moral support in the form of other uni riders, a friend of mine is talking about learning to ride in order to take part to and I will mention it to the unicyclists at my juggling club once I have formulated more of a plan.

So how far up/down the prom have you been on a uni, can you get to the Mudeford Quay ferry on Hengistbury Head spit from Bournemouth Beach without going off road?

How long do you think it would take on a 20" wheel/127mm crank?

Where do your mates Muni?

Sounds great, I used to live at Parkstone just up the road from Sandbanks (next to the golf course), when are you thinking about doing it???

May/June, I will pencil in 2 or 3 weekends and then finalise which one near the time based on the weather forecast - no point doing it in the rain!

So how far up to Sandbanks does the prom extend? Where is a good place to meet up and start?

I live in Parkstone! Upper Parkstone :slight_smile:


So how far up to Sandbanks does the prom extend? QUOTE]

I’m not sure, Have you tried looking on google earth?

Bournemouth Prom Uni ride - 19 June 2011

Hi everyone, I am just resurrecting this thread as I finally have a date of Sun 19th June to do this ride. Currently myself, my brother and a friend (who has been learning specifically for this ride) are planning to do the unicycle and thought I’d mention it on this forum in case any of you guys are interested in accompanying us for some or all of the ride?

Wow i thought, from the previous posts, that you were gonna do it last year!

Better late than never though right?

I hope you post how it all went when you’ve done it…And lots of piccys too :slight_smile:

Yeah we were but life kinda got in the way!

Doesn’t it always :roll_eyes:

I was all set to do L2B and a car got in the way :angry:

I’m working in Wimborne tomorrow thru Thursday so I’m bringing my 29er down to go for a ride up the prom in Bournemouth. I’m stopping in Poole for two nights anyone around for an evening ride?

My Coker won’t fit in the hire car I’ve got and I can’t fit my 20 in the boot with the 29er so it’s just the one.