bouncing on seat...why?

This is strange. Whenever I go beyond a certain speed on my uni, I start to bounce up and down in the seat. It doesn’t stop until I slow down.

Perhaps my tire pressure is too high? Pedal strokes not smooth enough?

Inquiring minds want to know…


If the bouncing is caused by your pedaling, focus on pedaling smoothly all the way around, using both legs equally. Sit down firmly and relax and practice pedaling softly, not pushing down too much on the down strokes. You could also play with your seat height and try different things with that. It is possible your seat is too low…

That used to happen to me alot. Yeah, just work on getting smooth pedal strokes then it will slowly come to a stop. Unless you are going really fast.

I only bounce on the seat when i’m going my avg speed. If i’m going really slow, or really fast it stops. I don’t care about bouncing up and down though, although it probably makes me look pretty goofy bouncing up and down to non riders.

check your tire to be sure that its seated on the rim correctly
it may have a bulge in it and you may only feel it at higher speeds

good luck

I’d say unicycling alone would make you look goofy to non-riders. haha!

lol good point.

im permanently single because of the whole unicycle thing…people dont accept it.

Re: bouncing on seat…why?

On Wed, 23 Aug 2006 14:31:26 -0500, tomkarches wrote:

>This is strange. Whenever I go beyond a certain speed on my uni, I start
>to bounce up and down in the seat. It doesn’t stop until I slow down.

This is not strange at all. It is the mass of your legs that has to
accelerate up and down during the revolution of the pedals.

To increase the speed at which this starts to happen, some things

  • ankling. Basically, use your ankle joint as much as possible, so
    that your leg movement is reduced. Google for more info.
  • move the pedals consciously around in a circle, rather than just
    pushing them down on each stroke.
  • What helped me, but I haven’t heard it from others so I’m not sure
    it is good advice: pull on the seat to stabilise yourself with respect
    to the uni. The disadvantage is more (or quicker) numbness

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Dude, your only 14, dont worry. There’s hope for you yet;)

Well I’m soon-to-be-single because the boyfriend hates my bruises. :frowning: And I’m not 14.

That is funny. trust me you will find somebody. My last gf i allmost convinced to ride and she said she would try then we broke up but it wasn’t because of unicycling.

Back on subject, having shorter cranks help a great deal in stopping bouncing. They will greatly decrease the distance your legs have to accelerate up and down.