My first video of the summer! Big thanks to my camera operating cousin!


Screw street and flat, I’m gonna go ride some forest. Haha :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice video, you definitely are getting pretty good with your range of tricks, and they are starting to look clean. Good edit on it too.

joo latedoubleback, treydouble and hickover where very nice man !

Man you’re getting soooo good!!!

Thanks a lot guys!

Great vid! good feel! i always get excited when i see you’ve posted a new vid. i was impressed by the kick flip-540.

Nice job man, I loved all of it! You had some dope tricks and combos in there, I think my favorites were the hickoverflip, outkickflip-540, fulloutfakie, and blind 5. There are a couple small things though that I noticed could be a little better for next time. :slight_smile: First, at 1:20 you put the 2 in the corner really nicely and it was beautifully timed with the zoom/pan thing, but when you rode in front of it at like 1:25 it ruined the illusion that it was actually there. If you put it somewhere else, like on the other side, you’ll never pass behind it and it’ll look more realistic. Also, at 0:53 I think the angle would be a bit better if we could see more of your wheel, I would’ve rather seen a close up of your fakie180lateflip than the scenic remnant of a tree. :stuck_out_tongue: Like I said though, it was altogether a really well put together video, and the editing was your best I think.

Edit: Now, after watching it like 3 times, I finally saw where you put “Blind” on the tree by the 5 spin. Subtle, nice. And I loved the music too.

DUDE reallllyyyy liked that! that was awesome your getting so good!

Thanks a lot! I totally agree with your advise. I’ll keep it in mind for next time. I didn’t like that angle a lot either but the bugs were so bad in that spot that there was no way I was going to refilm it. Bugs are the only downside of riding in forests!


Thanks! I’m glad you like my videos!

Amazing video! I love your creative riding. Out Kickflip to 540 spin, man that was cool!:slight_smile: Also realy like your rolling seven spin! It looks so easy.
I can’t wait to see more from you! Keep make videos like this man!:slight_smile:

Thank you!

I really enjoy how much time you put into making your tricks clean.

Wow you got so good so fast, its unbelievable! You had tons of great tricks in here, my favorites were the hickoverflip and the pogo combo at 1:00. Great job man:D

Latedoublebacks are so hard hahaha. Awesome that you got that. Really liked the video, well-edited and filmed!

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Hey Man! Nice Video! highly enjoyed it. All your tricks are really clean, all the time! Always enjoy watching your riding.

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Nice, you really are getting good :slight_smile:

Yeah…your a terrific rider and make it look easy. I know it is not.
Glad you got in the lake for a swim after all that.