Bounce message [Re: NDN: muni tyres (fwd)]

>I keep on getting these messages when Ipost to the newsgroup. Does anybody know
>why , or how to stop them?

>---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 02:18:44 +0200
>From: Mailer-Daemon <> To:
> Subject: NDN: muni tyres
>Sorry. Your message could not be delivered to:
>s930415 lars lottrup,Hskomm (The name was not found at the remote site. Check
>that the name has been entered correctly.)

The mail server is sending bounce messages to the senders of
unicycling list messages rather than to the unicycling list owner. This mail
server is sending bounce messages to the address in the Reply-To header rather
than the address in the Sender or From header (this is an internet RFC

I will try to identify and remove the bad address from Majordomo’s database. The
bounce messages will then cease.


Ken Fuchs <