bottoming out

Well this may sound dumb but how do you know your bottoming out?

you hear a clunk and fell like you hit something hard.

You feel your rim hitting the ground. Its like asking how do you know if you step on a rock?

Your wheel bursts into flames.

Compare it to falling 4 feet onto either concrete or sand. If you’re bottoming out, it’s probably fairly obvious that you’re doing it…if it doesn’t feel smooth, and it feels jerky, you’re doing something bad to your uni whether you bottom out or not.

What’s your psi/weight, and how high are you jumping?

Jump on something skinny like one of those car stoppers and see if you hit the rim. If you do you need more pressure.

you need to either up your tire pressure or rollout right as you land. This will transfer your weight from going down to moving outwards, preventing either your cranks or rim from etting damaged

I dunno if you should take advice on bottoming out from someone who rides with 4 psi. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can’t tell that you are bottoming out you are not bottoming out.

I weigh 90 pounds, ride at ~20psi, drop up to five feet, and ride a maxis CC. I guess my question should be, will i hear it, or will i feel it? I hear a kind of smacking sound when i drop onto concrete, but dont really feel anything. Forget it, I highly doubt that im bottoming out.

hehe, I think It’s up to 10 now. Thank Spencer:)

Geez man! What do you use for a tire?