BOTH my kids can ride now!

My son continues to improve… in some ways he’s a better rider than me, or at least more daring :sunglasses:

My daughter got a later start as I bought my son a uni for Christmas because my daughter didn’t show much interest… but she started trying his… and after a while she got her own (I was tired of adjusting seats up and down 5 times a day). She is now able to ride far enough and cosistently enough to say she can ride a unicycle. She still falls once in a while and still needs to learn to free mount, but as long as she has a hand or a post to get on it, she can get around just fine. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah… I figured out how to hop UP the curb yesterday. And better yet… I figured it out before my son did :stuck_out_tongue:

Now we just have to get “Mom” on one wheel :smiley:

How old are your kids?

i wished my dad rode. he has tried it and i think if he was patiant enough he could ride. he has tried it some and some days if i’m gone he will be like i should have learned to ride one of your unicycles while you were gone

My son turned 10 yesterday, my daughter is 12.

Good for you and your family.

The mother of one of our club kids started riding unassisted lastweek. Unicycling can be a great family activity.