Boston unicyclists

I may be the Boston area in late May or early June, and was wondering what the unicycle scene there is like. Are there many riders/fun places to ride? Or a group that gets together regularly for rides?

Ill be in Utah in June but im normally in Maine. Sam Haber ( is the best MA rider i know, im down to ride with any serious new england riders! Just hit me up on the ol’ FB

Hi Asthian,
are you moving to the area or just visiting?

KB1JKi, MountainUni1 and I all live just north of Boston. There’s a number of great muni spots around us. I only have a 24" muni but I know the two of them go for some 36’er rides when I’m not around. :slight_smile:

There’s also a boston unicycle google group, although I haven’t seen much activity there, there are occasional ride posts: