Boston Midnight Marathon Ride

I was looking at Twitter late last night and saw a post of a unicyclist taking part in the Boston Midnight Marathon Ride. I don’t know who it was, but I hope they post ride details here.

I had never heard of the ride, but I plan on doing it next year on my unicycle. It is easier to get to from Maine than the Düsseldorf Marathon. :slight_smile: They follow the Boston Marathon route the night before the Marathon, which is today. It looked like the unicyclist was riding a Nimbus Nightrider. The right uni for a ride that starts around midnight.

Here is a review of the ride from a cyclist in 2011.

I thought I would put it out there. Maybe there will be more unicyclist next year.

I just got my 36er yesterday. Can ride up and down my little street, but forget mounting. I’d love to try for next year’s ride. There’s a lot of time to practice until then!

You should be ready for next year! It will be interesting to see if todays events change access to the streets the night before the marathon. Congrads in getting a 36. I am still stuck on my 29.

Charlotte Marathon

Riding the Boston Marathon route at night would be suicidal. I’ve run that race… it goes from Hopkington to Copley Square. The drivers there would pick you off before you could figure out how to spell Massachusetts backwards. The actual race is fantastic, lined with people almost the entire route. It goes past Wellsley and Boston Colleges and has a storied history. But I would never ride that route at night on 1 wheel on a road that is shared with automobiles.

There’s a marathon here in Charlotte, NC every fall. I’ve been plugging at them to add unicycles but they seem content with just runners.

Would anyone be interested in participating in a unicycle marathon in Charlotte? Right now it’s just something that I’m knocking around, but if there’s even a whimper of real interest it would be worth while to put together.

I’m thinking of a 2.5 mile course that is off road. It’s about half gravel trail; half in the woods. Not too many hills (up or down), but windy enough to be interesting. There are stretches where speed would be king; other sections that would probably be high crash zones. Any interest?

I think if 250 bikers can do the Boston route at night without being hit, it should be safe. Safety in numbers, especially at 1 am. That is why I am looking for other unicyclers interested, I would stay in the center of the pack. :slight_smile: The cars would first pick off the outside riders.

Seriously, it doesn’t look too bad in the wee hours of the morning. Here is a time lapse:

Charlotte would be a bit far for me. It has been hard enough to convince my family to travel to Pittsburgh (10 hours) for the Unicycle Nationals. But if there is something put together I might be able to get them on board.

Hey Alan, Congratulations on the 36er. Been meaning to call you about getting together for a ride now that it’s warming up. What days are good for you?

Count me in

I almost did it last year on a bike (hadn’t gotten my Coker yet), but a family emergency prevented me from going.

Count me in next year. I’d love to try it on a 36er, but I agree there’s safety in numbers.

Time Lapse

Looked like a lot of city/town riding. Didn’t look like Hopkinton at all. Rt 135 is sparsely populated for a good bit. That would be the scary part, but again, safety in numbers and lots of lights.

Leeway, pm sent.

I am the one on the Nightrider

Hey guys sorry haven’t been on the forums in a while but I did do the marathon ride without any training or any knowledge of what i was getting into…But it was still fantastic and thrilling…Also painful for a bit but it was way worth it. Ive never done anything so hilly before so get your 150mm cranks out to take those hills I unfortunately had 114mm cranks but never fell. People were amazed that i finished in 3 hours and there’s also a 2 mile ride from the train station to the starting line if you decide to take the train from south station.
Overall It was a lot of fun I am definitely doing it again next year and I hope to see more unicyclists there

Excellent! It sound like a great ride. I hope I can make it next year. I didn’t even know about the ride until I saw the photo of you on twitter.

There are a few new 36 riders around so perhaps there will be a group of unicyclists.

How is the traffic?

The traffic is minimal and once you get into Boston it’s lit up enough where cars will see you and watch out for you I think I saw a total of 6 or 7 cars the whole time not many out at night and since we can’t coast usually the bikes are a little ahead of us so for a long time I was alone in the ride so it would be nice to have some company