Boston Freestyle Unicyclist Seeking Companion/Coach


Recently I have been exploring the parallels between iceskating and freestyle unicycling. Specifically I am wondering for spins and onefooted riding if posture is as critical, or if there is a proper thing to do with your arms, rather than flailing. I have been trying different things which in some cases help, like looking over my outside shoulder when going backwards in a circle (with the outside arm back and the other one forward).

The other thing that has come to my attention is the idea of lessons, everyone who iceskates takes lessons. Even some beginners like me are already taking private lessons. I WANT TO TAKE UNICYCLING LESSONS. I WANT A (FREESTYLE) UNICYCLING COACH. At the very least I would like to unicycle with someone who can do skills I can’t do and I want to unicycle with other people (any people) regularly. If you have read this far and you live in the BOSTON Area (I am cambridge based) and want to ride please contact me (zcs at mit dot edu). If you think you can coach a level 5 unicyclist, please contact me. If you know anything about coaching of unicycling in general, please contact me.

Otherwise, screw grad school (and Boston), I am moving to Minnesota.


You are welcome in Minnesota ANY time!!

-Ryan Woessner :slight_smile:
UNICON XI Ind Freestyle World Champ