Boston area uni club

John Drummond is very helpfully sending this to unicyclists in my area, but I thought I’d post it here to let all you guys know about it. I hope the weather is good. If anyone has some tips for running this kind of thing, please post them.

Hello fellow unicyclists!

I’m Ben Plotkin-Swing, the kid who was in the Boston Globe this Monday. Due to the amount of interest that article seems to have created, I’ve decided to try to start a riding group. My idea is to meet in Boston, hang out and get to know each other, share riding tips and generally have a good time. Anyone of any skill level is welcome to come. Here’s the details:

When: Sunday Nov 24 at 1:00 PM
Where: Copley Square, Boston

Bring as many unicycles as you have. If the weather looks questionable the night before, look on my website ( I’ll post a notice there if it’s not going to happen. Otherwise, I’ll be there. Please email me at if you’re planning to come, or if you’re interested in hearing about future meetings.

Hope to see you there.