Boston area MUni Ride. Sunday Nov. 14th

There is a really great place to ride off-road in the Boston area, just by Route 128. It is Cutler Park.

The park is part of the Charles River watershed. There is a trail around Cutler pond that is about 1 mile long, and there is another 7 miles of bike paths that I have yet to explore.

Anyone interested in a MUni ride? I’ve been in touch with ‘one on one’, and here is what we propose:

Location: Cutler Park in Needham at Newton border. The entrance (with plenty of parking) is off Kendrick Street.

Date: Sunday, November 14 th

Time: 11 AM.


This park looks really nice from the pictures on the website. Marcvg do you know if we can ride on the boardwalk that goes to Powell’s island? That could be fun.


Good question. I don’t know about the boardwalk. I’ve not been to that part of the park yet.

Has anyone taken a ride around the Cutler Park area?


Go Sox!


Hey there. Good to know there are some muni riders in the boston area. I just started learning to ride last month so I don’t think I’m ready for this ride but maybe when I get a bit better. I can freemount and ride around a bit but I’m useless on rough terrain. Anyway, just wanted to say hi to some fellow bostonians and have a good ride. I’ve never ridden the Cutler park area but it looks pretty nice. Were you at the parade today?

muni riders in the boston area

Hi gohfish,

I’m new to MUni, and found Cutler Park a good place to learn. The path around the pond is mostly well-groomed and flat. But then there are places with roots, ruts, and some grade to make it interesting. I have yet to explore the other paths leading from the pond, which, from the web-site, seem more challenging.

It would be great to have rides every month or so, and hope you can join when you are ready.


Couldn’t make it to the parade. I included a picture from the web that I thought captured the spirit.

Hi Gohfish: I was at the parade on Saturday. I work really close to where the route went, so was able to catch it. Looking forward to riding with you.

Just wanted to pop this up to the top to see if we can get a few more riders.

Cutler Park

Just did a practice ride around the pond this morning. Nice place.

I’m looking forward to next week’s ride.


My brother and I would like to come. See you there!

What time are you guys planning on getting back from the ride?

Cutler Park Ride

Happy you can join us!

To be honest, I haven’t really thought about how long the ride might take! Your thoughts?

There is an 8 mile bike loop, but to date, I’ve only ridden only around the pond.

On Sunday, I’d like to get to Powell’s Island or to the tunnel under the MBTA tracks. From the parking lot on Kendrik Street to the MBTA tracks and back looks like 4 miles total. That’s what I’m thinking at this point, anyway.


Terrific. That’s 4 Muni riders and 1 Mountain B*** rider.

Sorry to get your hopes up. I just noticed that we have a conflict on Sunday. Maybe we can come another time.


Hi Uni412

No problem. Hope you can make it another time.


Muni skill levels

Hi to all the uni riders in the Boston area!

Right now it looks like one on one and marvg will be riding around Cutler Park this Sunday.

We are both new to Muni, so if there are any other "Muni newbies " in the Boston area who want to join us, that would be great. The path around the pond is mostly flat and well-groomed, and it was the first place I rode off-road. There are an additional 8 miles of trails. Links to the trail map are in the first messages in the thread.

If there are any experienced riders in the Boston area, that would be great if you could join us! You get a chance to show off to an appreciative audience.



Ride canceled

Unfortunately, because of the snow and expected low temperatures overnight, the Muni ride Sunday, 11/14/04 is canceled.