Borrowing A 20" While On Leave

I’m going on leave for a couple weeks in August, and want to ride a 20" unicycle. I’ve been riding a 24" and can now ride about fifty feet, and freemount sometimes. Does anyone in the Tacoma/Seattle area want to loan me their unicycle for a week? Also, are there any events in Washington in August?

What dates will you be here?

I’m sure we can dig up a spare 20, even if it has cottered cranks. :wink:

The Uniques are doing an all ages-all abilities suburban park MUni ride after the Shoreline parade on August 21. All all welcome to join. I don’t know of any other events yet, we usually find time for a group trials or Muni ride every couple weeks or so.

We have a local e-mail distribution list, you can send a message to <unicyclers at iunicycle dot com> when you know more about your leave.

More info:

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hey everyone, I’m in Washington, and if anyone’s interested in loaning me a 20" unicycle let me know.

Welcome back. Hope you can find one quickly. Back to the top for you.

I’d let you use mine, but I live in Sweet Home and it is broke anyway.

I expect that there are people nearby with one laying around. There are a lot of Washington unicyclists.