born to MUni

I first learned to ride foward. I could self start okay but on the trails I always found a tree. I did start with easy trails . Then progressed to more challenaging. It did start with street curbs for drops. Now for practice, I’ve been hop/dropping a 2footer at the skatepark to prepare me for the trail. But yesterday was the first time I felt confindent with a backwards figure 8s. (yabba dabba). Hopping was easy to learn(on cement)
Idle? That did come later. I’ve never counted or really cared. WHY BOTHER? I only idle at red lights on the way to the gym. An idle did save me today after a technical rock drop on my favorite MUni trail.
When I watch my uni videos I usally fast forward to the off- road riding segments. The other skills will come … I like to get that 1ft idle and the 1ft ride.

I love to play in the mud! But I need “cement pratice” to get better or to get more confidence; for the back country…



I thought I was on the thread about Levels…DARN IT !

We will forgive you

Hey critter, seeing as we’re in an off-topic topic anyway, where in Oahu are you? I’ll be there next Feb.


Sounds cool ! You got to check out my favorite trails.

Muni = life. :smiley:


Trails? You’re going to tell us where those are, right? :slight_smile: