Bored To Death, without a Uni to ride

So I am waiting for one uni to be made and shipped. I don’t expect to get it til mid august, and the other is at the bike shop getting a major overhaul.

I am so unbelievably bored. If only I had another uni.

uuummmm…are we supposed to respond to that, or just sympathize? cause I don’t have much to say in response.

:roll_eyes: GET ANOTHER UNI

Yeah…he pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one:D

think I might have a hard time convincing my wife of that.

SHHHHHHHHH. don’t tell her:) SHhhhhhhhhhhhheek:

I feel your pain, my uni is currently in the shop getting the wheel rebuilt, and I have been waiting for my cranks since the beginning of May!

Argh, why can’t Koxx get their ass in gear to make me some cranks.

where did you order them from?

well, there’s your problem. if you worked on it yourself you’d never be without your uni! how dare you let other people fiddle around with your prized posession?

…and surely even a major-strip-down-every-last-little-bit rebuild only takes an hour or so anyway! :slight_smile:


Learn to juggle

I live in a tiny apartment. No room for wheel rebuilding shop:(

I know what you mean for that, I have my computer desk in my room, and thats where I work on everything, my comp (duh) guitars, bikes, unicycles, anything that needs to be fixed goes up on my computer desk.


refer to earlier issue

Back to the first problem

I have plenty of room to rebuild wheels but I havn’t encountered that problem yet:D