It is currently 8:20pm US EST…I think thats 1:20am GMT, august 31st. AND I AM BORED. Anyone who is also bored may join me in the chat room.

Come on in! theres already a few people in there. Everyone is welcome…don’t be shy!

This is cool.

We’ve got 5!

Come on lurkers! I see you all looking on the whos online page! Join the chat. We dont bite. MAybe youll find someone to ride with.


7 for about 15 seconds there.

We are still going strong!!!

i ride a unicycle


Nick V! I just saw you get your arse in here!

i see you looking… give in to temptation!!!

we are still there and goin strong so join us!!!

Well I’m done. That was awesome though we’ll have to do that again. For those of you who missed out we had maybe 15 different people in there (about 9 at a time) and it rocked.

my mac doesn’t blow, something in the java is screwed up…

i’m sad…

We are still here so feel free to join…

yeah that was good. if your ears were burning,yes we were talking about you…

Haha yeah, that was a great chat. It was as if I had 9 different riders all chillin in my kitchen (I know! I know! what a retarded place for a pooter (phil’s word) eh!?)

We should do it again soon.

oh, and for those of you I annoyed yesterday I’m sorry…well not really but yeah…

And Obie don’t forget to bring the united eh? I’ll show you it’s real power! (maniacle laughter)

Uniteds suck!

Why do they have the assgroove???

Because they’re GROOVY!!!

Ill be on for all of tonight.

Lies…all LIES!!!

I’m in right now…1:50 EST, i guess that makes it…8:50 GMT.

Im on now at 8:00pm eastern time