Bootleg Canyon, Nevada

Supposed to be some of the gnarliest downhill riding in the US, but I’ve not heard if the place is still open. Anyone have any recent experience with this place (a little ways outside of Vegas)???


I was there just before Christmas, it’s still open. I can upload some pictures later.

Here are my shots from Bootleg Canyon in December. We hiked up Middle Lake View and Ginger (Ginger is the craziest drop bit in the park), and then I rode down Snakeback and Poopshoot, if I recall correctly. Ginger had sections which didn’t look doable in either direction, but it’s possible there are some nuts out there who’d try it. Snakeback was fun singletrack, moderately technical with some light exposure–a little like the singletrack on the Sovereign Trail at Moab. It looked like there were lots of other options, but I didn’t have time to explore them.

Oh my goodness! i couldnt tell where the trail was in that one Ginger pic! :astonished: …i like it.

Thanks for the pics, Tom!