Boomtown Festival 2022 UK

Hi guys!

Firstly my apologies being a silent reader, there’s lots of great posts and questions on here . By time I get round to giving some input the question has already been answered. Haha .

Just a Random One I will be taking a few unicycles to the Boomtown Festival in Winchester UK, its a sort of artistic music festival with lots of potential to spread unicycle love.
I’ll be taking two nimbus 19" Munis
A 20" older style unicycle with a mag style wheel
A 24" UDC Club and my friend has some other random units bought from boot sales.

Is anyone else here going? And If so please come and find me and have a go on the selection of Unis and Munis. If I can inspire just one person of the thousands going to learn to ride I’ll be please haha :rofl:

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