Books on unicycling

Anyone read this book? Amazon doesn’t seem to have any details. Seems a little expensive at £60, is it worth it?

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I don’t know, it is a little pricey to buy a book without ant info at all. I found this comment though…

Id have thought UDC would have it though but they don’t.

Hmm…that’s interesting. I notice your link was but I found it on are listing it for $30 that seems more reasonable. However the guy who wrote the review is/was apparently an official reviewer on Amazon - not necessarily a unicyclist per se - and here’s his Amazon profile: Customer Reviews: 3, New Reviewer Rank: 5,125,107

Anyone own, read or seen this book?

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Funny you bring this up, the book I requested at the library arrived last night. Im going to pick it up in a couple hours. I hope its that but I think its called “The Unicycle book”

The Wiley book is good, but very dry. Charlie Dancey’s book is perhaps a bit less informative, but still good, and much more fun to read.

I picked up the book from the library yesterday. Its the Wiley book.
It starts off great with a nice history and writeup of all kinds of Uni records and accomplishments.
The first chapter on learning to ride is pretty weak but I picked up a few things I wish I knew last week when I first got on the Uni.
Ill be reading some more today,
It gave me confidence to ride about 2 miles around town last night though.

Do a google search and buy direct from the USA for under $30 plus shipping is my suggestion… and as it was published in 1984, it’ll be pot luck with the state of the copy and it won’t be particularly up to date, although I’m sure you won’t be too interested in Trials :wink:


The Complete Book of Unicycling
Try here $27.95 ea.

I’ve got a copy of the Complete Book of Unicycling. (There’s another book by the same author called ‘The Unicycle Book’ which is similar, but an earlier edition, I think.) The most interesting section I think is the one about famous unicyclists of the past. It talks about Wally Watts, Steve McPeak, and the Shyrettos amongst others. Also mentions some unicycle records (of which some are now out of date). There’s a section on the history of unicycles and some of the very earliest known unicyclists from the 1800s too.

I own most of the unicycling books that are, or have been available.

The complete book of unicycling by Jack Wiley is not the only book to consider buying if you are wanting to learn to ride. The complete book is fairly light on illustrations and photos and heavy on text. It is a fascinating read if you are interested in the history of unicycling (in the US) but some of the newer books may suit you better. Much of the material is similar to that found in “The Unicycle Book”, which was printed in hard cover format, rather than spiral bound.

Note that you can get a newly printed spiral bound copy of “The complete book of unicycling” (from 2005), rather than an early eighties copy. I got Tony’s copy direct from Jack Wiley, via the Amazon store in the US. Jack’s Amazon username is WLYJCK and he currently sells it for $32 US + shipping. The older copies can also be purchased from Amazon, or try They are fairly rare and often sell for a lot. They can be in pretty ratty condition too.

Other books to consider are:

"How to Ride your Unicycle by Charlie Dancey
-short, sweet, entertaining and some good advice. The illustrations are very well done and rather amusing. It mainly focuses on learning to ride but does mention a few other more advanced skills. It doesn’t describe the method I use to teach but it is still pretty good.

“Teach Unicycling - A resource kit for schools” by Steve Pavarno
-primarily aimed at teachers, it is also useful if you are wanting to learn to ride yourself. It describes the method I use to teach new riders and breaks things down into nice easy steps. Like the Dancey book it is fairly short and sweet but features photos rather than illustrations. It also includes a listing of the 10 skill levels plus sections on maintenance and games. You can buy it from

“Unicycling from Beginner to Expert” by Sebastian Hoher.
-originally written in German, the English translation is unfortunately out of print. This is the book I learn to ride from and it includes lots of useful exercises which are helpful if learning in isolation without any friends for support. It includes a good overview of more advanced tricks and exercises to help master them. There is a section on giraffe riding plus some interesting sections on the physics of riding and the history of unicycling. Some of the photos of performers show incredible tricks.

“Unicycling, First Steps - First Tricks” by Anders-Wilkens Mager
-originally written in German, the English translation is pretty good and it has lots of photos. This is a particularly good book to use if you are going to be teaching students as it has lots of advice suitable for people learning to ride in a club environment. It also covers some more advanced tricks plus riding a giraffe and an excellent section on one wheel.

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