Book recommendations.

I’ve been looking through the likes of amazon for uni related books to fill up my bookshelf and wondered which books others have read and what they thought of them?

I’ve looked at instructional books like Unicycling: First Steps, First Tricks and general uni related books like One wheel, many spokes.

So, which books have you read and what was your opinion?

(Perhaps a book club/review thread could be useful/fun for others in the future?!)

Cheers, Mark

I have only bought one unicycle book:

It was worth every penny. Interesting, good quality, great pictures, great advice and very clear instructions.

+1 on that!

Kris’s book is awesome.

Yes, how could I forget Kris’s book!

i am waiting for them to get my new KH 20 trials in but the book in a part of the order, i am pretty excited to read it!!