book: "How to Ride Unicycle"

The past few months I’ve been stopping into various barnes and nobles book
stores looking to read through a copy of a small book, “How to Ride Unicycle”,
by Jack Wiley I think.

None of them had it in stock, and my thinking was that since its only 33 pages
and unicycling is such a rare hobby, people who are interested in it would
never buy it – they would just walk in, sit down for a little bit, and read
through it :slight_smile:

I finally decided to walk into my local b&n and order the thing. Now I discover
that its out of print, flagged 'indefinitely".

Does anyone care to type it up?


Re: book: “How to Ride Unicycle”

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<< Does anyone care to type it up?

-Laz. >>

Try ordering it directly from Solipaz Publishing Company, PO Box 366, Lodi, CA
95241. Or try going through the Unicycle Society of America. Check out their
order form for the books at:

I’m sure the books are still under copyright protection. They are quite
nice–though some are a bit dated. They introduce a lot of interesting history.

David Maxfield Bainbridge Island, WA