Boo hoo, Ironman request declined

This was the reply for my request to do the NZ Ironman on a unicycle. Looks like the Triathlon world aren’t quite ready for unicyclists:

"Hi there,

Thank you for your email.

I have discussed you request with the World Triathlon Corporation and I am
sorry they have not approved the request to complete the cycle section of an
Ironman event of a Unicycle.

All the best!


Event Director"

Oh well, I guess I save $500. What can I do with that instead?

Re: Boo hoo, Ironman request declined

Fly me up to Auckland for the NZ Muni weekend? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, the same thing happend to me when I registered for a triathlon(Olympic distance)…Keep on trying…Somebody, somewhere will cave in…

Were you planning on doing an entire Ironman triathlon? Each leg is epic by itself (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile unicycle ride, 26 mile run). It’s amazing you were even thinking about doing it.

It’s not surprising that they don’t want a unicycle in a triathlon of that caliber. Even triathlons have standards for what they consider to be a legal bike. They’re not as strict as the UCI for professional cycling, but they still have a standard for what they consider to be a legal bike.

Yep, that’s right- 180km cycle section.

I worked out that I would make the cut-off fairly easily- you have to finish the swim and the cycle section within 10 1/2 hrs. I think I can probably complete the swim in just over 1hr. I know I can ride 160km on a hilly course in 7hrs44min on a 36"Coker/110mm cranks. But the course is flat and I’m assuming that I’d be riding a 29" Schlumhf with 100mm cranks by then- which I reckon conservatively should have got me an extra 20km in the same amount of time at the very least. And then the run section is actually going to be easier IMHO after a unicycle ride, since you’ve been pushing a lower gear with lesser leg movement over the last few hours- which should keep your legs in a better condition. And with the right shoe selection you save another few minutes at the transition point also.

It was worth a try anyway. I might see if theCoast to Coast guys will let me compete- but it means that I have to learn how to Kayak. On the other hand, there is a teams option, so I might be able to put together a team and only ride the cycle leg.

It’s not that…they got wind of Ken’s record, and they’re worried some uni guy is going to come in and make a monkey out of their competition by besting half (or more) of their field.

I want to do triathlon also

I used to do sprint triathlon and since I have entered the unicycle world I have had thoughts of doing them with a unicycle. If you have any luck with getting into triathlons with a unicycle let me know. Thanks


Re: Boo hoo, Ironman request declined

Start saving up for a bike? I think it might be faster! :slight_smile:

I wish I could suggest other unicycle events to attend, but you’re kind of off in a world of your own…

Re: I want to do triathlon also

Memphis has Wolfman Duathlon (that we just did Apr 10.) And a Wolfpack Triathlon in the fall. I can get you info if you pm me.

We had 6 Unis in the Duathlon. We’ve had more and less.

Kansas city is not too far, you should come.

Granted these are “baby” events. Swim 400 meters, MUni (MB) 5 miles, run 2 miles…

The race director loves having us.


Ken, You are a stud.

…I’ve thought about doing a unicycle triathalon but NOT AN IRONMAN!! It’s one of my goals to someday do a half (I’ll probably have to bike)

they went to the world triathlon corporation that’s pretty extreme…I think they’re worried you would give them a run for their money hehe

Did they give you a reason why?
For me they said “only bikes”.I threw the rule-book at them which said that novelty bikes may be permitted…Then, they said they didn’t have an adequate number of medical staff in case “something happened”…Whatever that means…Maybe you just gotta keep on going after them until they relent…

The best way to do it would be to sponsor our own, and invite bikes…