BONUS! re: need circus-skilled unis,jugglers (NYC)

Just wanted to add that the workshop will be only 45 minutes and
volunteers will be given free tickets to a broadway show as compensation.

Thanks everyone!

On Thu, 18 Apr 2002, David Stone wrote:

> writes:
> >
> >Hi,
> >
> >I am in need of volunteers! I was just asked to give a presentation for
> >90 kids at PS 124 about anything circus- related, tomorrow (Friday)
> >morning at 9:30. 6-8 yr olds.
> I will add that Leah is at Columbia Univ. here in NYC and is looking for
> ppl who are in or can come to NYC tom’w morning. If you are interested,
> please respond to her privately.
> >
> >
> >It’s through HAI, an organization that brings the arts to people in
> >need-- in this case, to children who were affected by Sept. 11th.
> >
> >If anyone is available for flashy unicycle performances or juggling, let
> >me know!
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
> >Leah Yananton
> Hey, Leah. I’ll put the word out to the whole uni world, but the chances
> are slim given the time and short notice. I hope it works out.
> Brief history: Unicycles apparently came about a little over 100 yrs ago
> as ppl learned how to ride penny farthings on just the front (larger)
> wheel; then they built unis with just a huge wheel and the seat (and post,
> pedals, …) but no back wheel. Eventually ppl produced, and eventually
> mass-produced, smaller-wheeled unis. Now we are entering a new age of unis
> where they are getting caught up in some of the extreme-sport excitement.
> You can get add’l info at and some related links.
> Good luck!
> David
> Co-founder, Unatics of NY
> 1st Sunday / 3rd Saturday
> @ Central Park Bandshell
> 1:30 start time after 11/1/01

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