Boneshieldz Wrist Guards

I’ve broken two plastic inserts on my Boneshieldz wrist guards through normal
use (once falling backward, once just grabbing the seat). Other than the short
life of the inserts, I’m pretty happy with these wrist guards. Has anyone else
had similar problems with this make? Is there a similarly priced, more durable
wrist guard out there? For me, the Roach gear, although much better than what
I’m using now, would be overkill - you won’t see me balancing atop the Great
Wall anytime soon.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Unicon X, and thanks for the
pics and narratives. I’m envious, but I’m encouraged to see the Seattle venue
for the next one - I may actually make that one. This gives me two years to
work on skills, and possibly test for level 5. The beer-skill competition is
something I’d like to take part in only as a spectator. You guys are pretty
hard core.

Carl Trachte Morenci, Arizona, USA