Bombardier Embrio (one wheel motorcycle)


It uses sensors and gyroscopes like the Segway. The front wheel is only for speeds under 12mph.


It’s very pretty.

It doesn’t work.

There are no plans to make one work.

I like my current model.:smiley:

This doesn’t replace your unicycle. It allows you to keep your on wheel fascination when traveling long distances, around town. It looks like a motorcycle from Minority Report would look.


hello all! for a surprise a bombardier affiliate has spoken to say that there will be a production model of the embrio, in 2005(late) with electric and hydro.

saft batteries looks like the supplier of the batteries and rotex will supply the electromagnetic engine, possible range at 250 miles still.

the gyros have been in debate for some time, dana wheel hasnt been able to answer who could be the supplier of the “magic” gyros that will fit in this wonderfull machine! there have been durability issues with the gyros currently in use!

no matter what, work space and changing tire will be a task, and those obsticals will be minimal to the following the embrio has to this date!


ty if anyone has further information from the aug 18 i recieved please update. :sunglasses:

Where did you get your information about the Embrio? Is there a website where we could look?
That picture shows up every few months on RSU, but this is the first time that I’ve heard that they are thinking of actually building it.

ill pass it on!

hello yes there will be more information on it… my associate rob silverman a past afilliate with a major television station stated

“hey **** i just got off the phone with your former boss **** guess what she said? their thinking on releaseing your toy in electric and hydro… call me” well when i finally got ahold of him he passed the news.

there will be a public announcement and a addition to the bombardier web page but i cant get ahold of anyone from my current local position, to verify!

once im done travelling ill pass it on that people still dream of this project and are looking foward to waching her move!

Burnaby 256

i understand that there is another past employed here please email me again ive accidently deleated your email! yes im still in r&d but aerospace now. thanks for asking