bomb shell green

does anyone here have a bombshell green uni because it isa pretty cool color and Ithink it would look awsome on a uni

I dont have a picture of the color tho but is a cool color

are you readin my mind, i was just about to paint my uni bombshell green


You need to paint a yellow band around the frame too. One of those big ribbons that says “remove before flight” or “remobe to arm” would be cool too.

my daugthers uni is dark green like that, yellow strips would be cool.

pow! Obie’s uni—>


The uni needs fins…

If somebody makes that, it will be da bomb.

Is all home made airseats that high?
I’m planning to make one of my own, and i’m a bit curius.

A side view of the air saddle I currently make…

…sometimes people let a little air out, sometimes leave it the way it is, according to their preference.

I’ll need to make a new saddle-cover, but that’s no problem, I’m enough restless as it is. :slight_smile:

Some one should make something like this.

bomb uni.jpg

That somehow oddly reminds me of this… :thinking: