Bolts for Rollo Disks now available

Hey All,

To let you know, longer axle bolts are now available for the Rollo disks.

For those who didn’t follow the original thread, on the first shipment of Rollo disks we ran into the problem that standard axle bolts weren’t long enough to install the disk.

Starting in Spring '09, all KH and Nimbus ISIS hubs will will be supplied with a longer axle bolt that fits the Rollo disk (25 mm bolt instead of 18 mm). Extra bolts will also be available for people wanting to fit the disks onto existing hubs.




And for people who is going to EUC/WuKo and didn’t check the email last weeks, Olaf sent and email for all registered offering the disks with the longer bolts.

This is only for people who’s going to EUC! If you want one pair contact Olaf cause Roland from MDC will bring them to Cologne!

If I’m not wrong, costs 19 Euros, and you pay for Olaf. Anyway, check your email, there’s the price and the bank account details to pay!

Nice Kris, can’t wait to get mine in 2 weeks :smiley:

EDIT: There are only 40 pairs avaliable I think, and probably many riders already reserved some!

do we just get them from UDC US or what?

Yes they have them. There weren’t too many shipped to North America on the first shipment though, so I’m not sure how many are left. More should be coming around May.


Thanks Kris! :smiley: Ill be ordering some As soon as I can pay for my KH24 frame I ordered a few days back,



Thanks Pedro for post that information. Yes, they are availiable at and Roland also bring some to WuKo IV / EUC in cologne. To be correct, they are 19,90€
If you have Moment Cranks you should also have Rollo Disks! If you don’t have Moment Cranks up to now, change that situation and don’t forget to order your set of Rollo Disks together with them.
More flatland for the world :smiley:

Yes! I’ve got my rollos now.

I’ll test them out tonight, with a broken seat post… yay. O’well.

When are they going to be avaiable at UDC usa?
Does anybody have an idea?


How long are the ti bolts that come with the ti hub?

Are they long enough to accommodate RolloDisks?



The Rollo disks need 25 mm long axle bolts (the normal length on the Moment hub for Ti or CrMo is 18 mm). After May, all CrMo and Ti hubs will come standard with the 25 mm length (including 25 mm long Ti bolts for the Ti hub). Right now the only 25 mm bolt available is CrMo.


KH Rollo Discs now available in the UK.