Bolt thread size needed....

Hi guys,

this is related to the Crown design poll thread that was around yesterday. I received a 2D blueprint drawing from the engineer and the production of the first prototype will begin :roll_eyes: . I’ll let you guys ponder about what this ‘aircraft-grade material is’. (don’t ruin the surprise, those of you that already know!)

But yeah, to the point. We are using threaded bearing holders, and we need the right thread size. The thread size I am after is the same thread size that is used on:

KH frame bearing holder bolts
Standard steel bearing holder’s bolts
Koxx seatclamps.

^those three all have the same thread size for their bolts, and I was hoping someone out there could tell me the size of the thread… preferably in ISO standard please (eg. M4, M5, M6)

thanks in advance.

Kh bearing clamp bolts are M6.