Bolt spinning in saddle (prevention idea)


I’ve been pondering the ‘spinning bolt’ problem that many people have had with their Velo and Miyata saddles when loosening the nuts for the seat post, and I think I have a possible fix/prevention technique.

Perhaps a way to keep the bolt from spinning in the plastic is to cut a flat goove in the end of each bolt with a hacksaw or file. This provides a slot for a flat headed screwdriver which you can grasp while turning the nut with a wrench, and should prevent the bolt from spinning in the plastic of the saddle.

What you think?


That is a good idea… a month or so ago someone posted with pics of them doing just that. They used a Dremel tool to do cut the head off the round covered nuts and then also to cut that slot in the top of the bolt for the screwdriver.

I was thinking about cutting the heads off my nuts, (STOP! You know what I mean! :astonished: ), just in case this ever happened, but the bolts just pushed through the head as I tightened them on. Now they are normal nuts.

This entire post can be read oh so wrong… I’m laughing as I type.

That just screams for a good reply. Alas, I am not the one with the wit… but sofa comes immediatly to mind:D

I tried it a couple months ago, we used these little discs that kept braking. In the end(4 hours later at 12 midnight) the bolts were off, but only mostly because the heat from the dremel tool had melted the plastic away:)


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