Boggs IV 8-hour race (NorCal)

My riding buddy signed us up to ride in the Boggs IV 8-hour mountain bike race, coming up on March 28 (the same weekend as MMF). I know nothing about the region or the trails, and wondered if any of you Bay Area riders have made the trek to Boggs State Demonstration Forest and can say something about the terrain.

Should be an interesting day. 423 bikes, two unicycles; registration was full within a couple days of it opening up. Hope we don’t get run over too many times. My buddy is probably going to do 3, maybe 4 laps (10.2 miles per lap, I think). I’ll dream about 3, but will probably only get 2 in. I’ve hardly had time to think in the last few months, let alone ride. But it’ll be fun, regardless.

Wow that sounds awesome! A buddy and me did a 12 hour in our neck of the woods a couple of years ago:

I’d really like to do something like this again, but I’ve got some other long solo singletrack plans that I think would be more fun since I can set my own schedule and now worry about zooming bikes. But good luck and be sure to let us know how it goes!