Boffy I choose YOU!

Calling out BoffyTheUnicyclist!



nice. I can’t wait for his response.


Good even though I’ve seen it already! Your trials is awesome yo :sunglasses:

So nice francis, your improvement is awesome! :smiley:

Nice. Awesome to see another trials rider from NZ showing improvement and rocking it. You’ll be awesome one day.

Edit: awesome’er*

Call Out response on its way ;D

Cool video, Sidehops were awesome.

cant wait to see the response. :slight_smile:

Sweet! I definitely need to get a trials unicycle now…

Awesome stuff man! Love the front-foot style, and your hops are getting massive. I enjoyed the hop off the corgi very much; all that $2 rice must be paying off!

good static.

what music is this?


and thanks for all the comments :slight_smile:

Heres my Response!

Good stuff Boffy. Loved the sex change. That hop to the seat and skinny was clean as. And you know I loved the step-overy thing to backrolly thing :wink: never quite got those myself (but then again, my mind can’t comprehend Flat).

Hard to compare the two videos though.


You guys should make a new thread and put both vids in the first post and a poll. :slight_smile:

Great idea!
Spenc you up for that?

These two vids are really close.
Editing/music was about the same.
Frannyy’s seemed to have more impressive lines overall, but I’m really impressed by Boffy’s high hops to skinnies.

A very close call but Frannyy gets the win by a nose IMO.