Body weight

this is the heaviest i have ever been

i’m 182 cm and weight 104 kg or six foot and weight 229 pounds

5’ 6" - 142 lbs
I can flat bench 245 lbs for 3 reps and dip 320 lbs for 3, and am a body builder =D

i agree though, you can shave a lot on your body and increase strength vs saving 10 grams here and there

250 pounds 6’1". I can curl 12 oz. all night long while holding a TV remote in the other hand. Oh, been riding a uni for 41 years.

My brother was ~ 5"9", 160 in high school and bench pressed 400#, won the Nevada State Powerlifting competition.

But he can’t unicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t lift weights, it’s silly to be inside, getting all sweaty and working hard without getting anywhere, so I go riding instead, which is what I am about to do :slight_smile:

But can you do that while riding? I’m thinking the power cord woudl get in the way :wink:

I am 5’ 2"
Don’t know how much I weigh, I am too scared to go on the scales in case it flashes up ‘’ one at a time please’ ! :slight_smile:

I’m 5’10", 155 lbs. I mostly do Muni, rolling only. I have a hard time gaining weight, never tried loosing weight except for wrestling in high school.

I find cross training in the weight room highly benefitial. Increased leg strength and endurance helped obviously w/ hills, but also w/ tech terrain. Core strength and endurance helped w/ fewer bad UPD’s, control over the rough, smoother pedaling, and a bit w/ climbing. Cardio helped w/ maintaining my breath when going through consistently technical bits, I found doing a mix of stationary bike w/ HR monitor, and swiming worked excelent. Working my hip flexors helped the most. I keep an emphasis on a core w/ high endurance so when I get tired I don’t have nasty UPD’s.

Yeah you’d have to have a long extension cord, not to mention having to build a mount for the TV and deal w/ the weight throwing off the balance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting replies here…two reasons I got a uni…first is I wanted to do something unique…my body is not handling lifting so heavy…Im at that age and wanted something to add to my strongman performance for visual appeal possibly keeping me entertaining with less gut busting strength feats. The second reason is I need cardio and to lose weight. I have never eaten healthy and drink massive amounts of beer. Well, I found out that I can get a .08 bac and text while I ride my unicycle. Watch my youtube…there should be a vid up soon. The plan is to stop all this and get healthy.

Lucky for me the unicycling has become out of control like everything else I do. I have bought 6 unicycle in 6 months and suspect Im overtraining riding every free minute I have. Its to the point that I have not weight trained for several weeks…something Ive done close to 30 years in my quest to not be skinny…now I wonder how good would I be at unicycle with 30 years under my belt weighing 130 pounds.

I am 0.000334 leagues tall and weigh in at 49,920 dram. I frequently bench press two Hummers attached to a railroad rail as a lift bar. I have swallowed 6 unicycles whole in one sitting. I once vented the ballast tanks of a nuclear submarine in one breath.

Hey Greg, If I come visit you at work can you imbue me with super powers too?

I am about 5’10" 180 lbs last time I checked.

I think that part of the reason a lot of the people on the forums seem so skinny is we have a lot of “active youth” which haven’t filled out yet.

I’m 6’4" . . .
When I was 18 I worked as construction labor for a summer and got up to about 200 lbs, due to muscle gain.
About six months later I was down to 180 (and that was with a dorm cafeteria diet), and basically have maintained 180-185 ever since.
However, after literally sitting around as much as possible since I broke my leg in January, today I’m up to 202 lbs. :astonished: My wife says I should just stop eating so much and go to all non-fat stuff etc. My response is that gaining weight is part of my exercise program - the more I gain now, the more I’ll have to ride to burn it off. :wink: Doc says I should be back to full activity by the summer, so I think the weight is a temporary thing.

I’m 6’ and maybe 140#. I’m one of those active youth. I’m hoping to fill out when I grow up.

Like me!
I’m 7"5’ at 110. Around the 7 percentile for my age.
Trying to build muscle and eat but it doesn’t work! The three stages: 1. Eat and exercise insane amounts w/out getting anywhere 2. Eat and exercise insane amounts and get buff but no build 3. …

More than you already have?

I lost most of my powers with my hair.

I am 6’4-5 225 pounds. I have lost 5 pounds so far this season. I go through cycles were i eat alot got soar and grow… I have been super hungry lately.