Body weight

I get a kick out of people shaving a few grams of unicycle weight. I also dont understand buying a new one and replacing everything…but back to the topic. What is your height and weight? Im must be the heaviest here at 5’10" 240lbs. It seems 200 is heavy in the uni world. Obviously, I cant go far without getting fatigued…Im talking a couple hundred feet and my legs are numb.

anyway…too be an average unicyclist I figure loosing 80 pounds instead of getting a lighter tube to save a few grams makes more sense.

Not sure I fall under any riding style either…I just do whatever

6’ 1.5’’ 67kg’s or 148lbs.

5’10" 220 lbs keep at it I ride at least 10 k or so when i go out and have no problems going a lot farther, just keep riding

Lots of responses in this thread: Sound off troops: What's your height & weight?

Yes, losing weight in your body is a more effective way to increase performance than outfitting a lighter muni, but some folks are not heavy. I’‘m down to 195, thinking about working toward 185, but at 6’ and having a heavy skeletal structure, I can only get so light.

Building stamina and msucle mass is also helpful, cross training, but most people would rather look for an easier path, losing wieght and exercising are so hard :roll_eyes:

5’7" - 140 lbs
I just lost 5+ lbs doing P90X for 2 months. Most was lost in the first few weeks. I’m trying to maintain my strength and endurance during the winter months.

I get the concept of losing weight from the uni, but I don’t get the actual reality of it. That’s why I’m doing it! I do hope I’ll see a positive change in riding feel and performance, but if not, then at least I’ll have a basis for whatever opinion I form.

Having a lighter uni is most important for hoping and tricks. You pull/spin/whatever your uni mostly with your arms. A pound makes a real difference there.

5’10" 137. I’m trying to gain muscle weight as much as possible. I have just enough fat to be healthy. I just can’t keep it on. Uni weight is the only weight that I want to, and that should, come off. I should be in the upper 140’s at least.

5’10" 175. I’m down 10-15 pounds from when I started unicycling. Having less weight has helped improve my emergency dismount ability (I take hard falls less often than I used to), and has probably contributed to significant improvement in my climbing ability. I have fewer knee issues than I used to, as well, although my ankles still complain.

In terms of weight on the uni, I notice it most when I’m hauling it up an unrideable MUni hill. It’s a little more noticeable at basketball than at MUni, but even there it’s not a huge difference in real performance.

Just wait 'till you get older! It it may not be all “muscle” weight you gain! :smiley:

5’11", 146lbs. I was about 165-170 back in late 2005 when I started riding again after almost 40 years. I know if I stopped riding I’d put it all back on, and then some, I suspect! Which is one of my main motivations for never stopping! :smiley:

6’ 1"
I weigh about 12.5 st

I lost weight at the very beginning, got serious about unicycling, then actually gained a bit. Now that it’s full on summer in the south (this past winter was more like a spring) I suspect I’ll drop quite a bit of weight.

Hmm, it seems unusual that you live in North Carolina, but refer to your weight in “Stone”? Are you originally from the UK? Anyway, the US conversion is 175lbs for anyone who didn’t know.

166cm and 57kg

I definitely notice a light unicycle especially on rotating parts. With a lighter wheel, it’s easier to accelerate and climb.

For the overall Uni, it’s mainly noticeable when I’m carrying the Uni, or trying to ride over rough terrain where I have to unweight the unicycle.

No, just me being cheeky. :wink:

I’m 5’10" at 170. I don’t have much fat on me but I’m kinda muscly and dense.:slight_smile: There are some really lightweight people on here though.

I’m 5’2" or 157cm and about 110lbs or 49.8 kg, still want to loose some weight I feel hefty in the mid section

5’ 8, 170 stones

Gee, I am not even the fattest level one fat guy . My ego just keeps taking a beating here. There are to many exceptional riders on this forum.

I think lighter uni’s are a bit of an expression of craftsmanship ( KH cuts fewer corners for price), and also they work a little better in some tricks. I admit it is kinda wasted on us also run second line fat guys, but for a real wiz spinning a trials uni, it’s the only progress you can just buy. Or if you want to win a race at a high level, like the lobster. A little Ti can’t hurt.

I’m 6’1", 260 lbs. I was 275 a month ago but it seems that my recent binge of 5-10 miles a day is trimming me down a bit!