Body varials

Hey all,
Just wondering if anyone has any advice on body varials?

I’ve looked around and searched and not found much.

I can 180 uni spin easily, and I’ve tried several ways but can really seem to get my body around the full 180 without moving the uni too much. I have done wierd 90-90 unispin bodyvarial things, but they just look like bad unispins.

I can get almost enough rotation but not quite get back to the pedals. I know some of the riders out there are doing really smooth body varials and Id love to get them down. Any tips?


Hey, whats a body varial?

Mmmm, maybe Im mixing up my names.

I thought that was the name for jumping off the pedals, rotating your body 180 then landing back on facing backwards. Kinda like a 180 unispin but you spin your body not the uni.

Dan heaton does a few in defect, and Alex Toms and Dan Cowling both do them in combination with unispins it the video Tomsey put up a while back.


I’d like the guys who take a point on the tire or the axe and jump imédiately for an other rotation.

This is not an unispin but I do a mount with the unicycle behind me, I put a foot on the tire against the fork, I go up and make almost a complete turn. then I go on wheel walk or stand up wheel walk

Hey, I just lernt to do them rolling :sunglasses: . Try it with a pretty low seat and just jump up and make sure your legs clear the seat. I used to pratice them with imaginary pedals on the ground:p And i think a body varial with a unispin is just a varial . Trick names are so confusing!

Yeah, names get wierd. Ive done a mount which goes:

Jump from ground to left foot to right crank, then jump 180 straight away to land backward on both pedals. It’s kinda a varial.

Ive also landed this once from riding by stoping, switching feet on the right crank then jumping the varial. That was sweet…gonna have to make it consistent :slight_smile: Should probably get it on tape too…


Definitely…that sounds really sweet.


I throw them just like 180s. Ride, prepare the rotation, jump and twist… The thing that changes is that one of your hands has to hold the uni and be locked in the air. And your foot leave the pedals, but you must be fine with that feeling if you can unispin.

Maybe a slow motion would help you. (3Mo Xvid)


nice post manuel, I’m gonna try and learn that one

Hey, I do several body variels (thats what I thought they were called too) in this movie. It has a lot of other stuff too but shouldn’t be too hard to find.

The main thing I had trouble with learning them was I was spinning the wrong way. I was trying to spin the way I would spin the uni in a unispin. Make sure your going to the oppisite side. Also, I find them MUCH easier to do seat in, one handed, then sif. If you do them that way you should start one handed, then spin and land with both hands holding the seat.

Awesome. Thanks heaps guys. Love the slowmo, helps a lot. Very clean btw.

I hadn’t really tried from seat in but seeing it now it makes a heap of sense. Ill have to give it a go in the morning. Ill be sure to let you know wether I get it or not.


thanks for the thread guys, i have been woundering what they were called and how to them 4 a while, i look forward to watching the videos when i get back from school and then getting out there and trying it

can someone reattach the video as a mpg or mp3 or another format that windows media player can read or upload it into youtube please because I cant open it