[Bobousse and Elliot] Flat Training!


Small vid by Bobousse and Elliot! Filmed by me and edited by Bobousse… Hope you guys enjoy it!

Cheers from France!

Wow!!! Awesome flat combos. Elliot and Bobousse are definately some of the best flat riders in the world. And Bobousse is awesome at editing!!!

Great stuff. I’m always excited for Elliot or bobousse videos . It’s just great stuff, I think you both have great style and the tricks to back it up.
Also nice filming Pedro. You should do more.

Thanks for the Christmas present, it really was magical.

Realy cool editing and good music.
The combo’s where realy, realy, realyyyyy sick.:slight_smile:
But don’t you have a lot of snow there in France…?