Bob Cook Memorial/Mount Evans Hill Climb 2008

THE famous triton?
I am humbled and honored.

Seriousy though, I would be into this. I’ve never tried a Guni… but if your up for it…

Like I said, i have to wait a day or two to know my full commitment this weekend.
But if all goes well I’d be up for it.

I have a few seats w/posts in the quiver, I could bring along.

I’ll stay in touch…

Sorry, other big uni plans that day, might see you though, Bondo, later in the day. Good luck, push it, you will achieve a new PB. Weather looks to be good on Saturday, so little threat of lightning. Have fun on the way down, especially by that section that is a sheer 1000’+ cliff :astonished: That will always be one of my favorite climbs, a true climbers dream! :smiley:

That climb is on my bucket list, for sure. Good luck Osmundo, and you, too, Bondo, if you go. I’ll be sending you positive climbing energy.

This is looking more and more likely.

I have the time off, and UDC will send me a 36er overnight. :slight_smile:

Questions for Osmundo:

What happens after we get to the top? Do you have to ride back down or are there shuttles available?

I am assuming you registered for the “citizen race” when does your heat leave?

How long does the 28 miles uphill take you?

Looks like spots are still open, I’ll have to drive to Idaho Spgs to register tommorow.
This will be fun!

Thanks for the Vibes!

They give car rides back down or you can ride back down. Echo Lake to the top is closed to vehicles, except race vehicles.

what station do you work for?

Aspenmike/Bondo how is the snow up there. Heading to Crested Butte tomorrow for a mountain bike trip and a little uniing too.

Bondo, great news! I am psyched, but do you realize you are passing on the God of all unicycles, the TRITON GUNI 36er??!! What uni coker are you buying? What size cranks? There is a write up of the ride from last year here

Basically, it took me 3:35 last year. I was cruising to a sub-three hours time until I ran out of gas about mile 22, 13,000 feet. At the top I rested a while and then started the long cruise downhill. You are expected to ride down, and it is a lot of fun, but you may be able to catch a ride from a support vehicle. I rode down to Echo lake and then hitched a ride down to Idaho Springs from there. The citizen race starts at 7:30. We should try to hookup in town around 7 or so. Whee-Hoo. This is a very fun race!

Thx Surf!

Snow is mostly gone, I know CB got a bit more than we did, but I have been reading reports from that area and I believe the classic rides are open…dry may be another thing. Check MTBR colo section for beta from that area.

I work for KCMV 106.3 FM…morning DJ. We are all over the MTNs in Colo. I-70 from empire to gypsum…Steamboat to Alma and Estes Park. You can find us up up north from Longmont to Cheyenne (on I-25)on 102.1 FM. We are basically the KCUV 102.3 (Denver) of the mountains. Same format and owners, different DJ’s.

Shipping is pricey for the 36er…still debating…

Osmundo, If you don’t mind bring the Triton Saturday…I am still undecided on the Nimbus…($$! )and if the shipping goes awry I would be out a unicycle. I’d like to try it out regardless.

Good to know about the return trip…save a little energy for the DH then huh!?

7AM at the middle school, look for the guy on the uni…I can do that.

I’ll bring it. if you could bring a saddle/post to fit 27.2 you’ll be all set. (if that is a problem I could probably rig up a KH airseat w/ rail adapter). I lost the downshift button, but KH said he put on in the mail Tues. Hopefully it’ll be here today or tomorrow. You’ll probably ride in 1-1 mode the whole way anyway. I’ve got your cell #…my is (303) 257-6263.

Thanks for the #.

I have only 25.2 or whatever the nimbus stock seatpost is. I’ll have my 26er anyway too.

I’ll give you a call tomorrow eve…as I go register, and we can firm up plans to meet up sat morn.

I’m pretty sure I am going to bite the bullet and get this Nimbus 36 coming.

Surf! have a great time in CB!
Tune me in tomorrow on 102.1 FM. 6 to 10 AM.

bullet bitten
trigger pulled.

a Nimbus 36er should be here tomorrow.
Now I don’t have to snipe Steveyo’s auction…:slight_smile:

It would’ve been hard to get it to you in time, since the auction doesn’t close until Sunday! Plus, it’s already over $200, and too late to truly “snipe”. :smiley:

Best of luck, once again you guys, from a fellow climb-o-phile.

Have a great hill climb, Bondo and Osmundo.

leaving the Fort at 7am. I’ll tune in tomorrow.
My weekend starts now. Peace

Thx again surf and everyone else for to positive vibes!

The eagle has landed.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I am in possesion of my very own 36er.
just finished the assembly.
Rode it around the parking garage here…

tomorrow is going to be FUN!
See ya in the AM Osmundo!

What a great day! I love this race! We had unbelievable weather and, as expected, Bondo and I were warmly received by the hundreds of bikes. I felt strong all the way the the top. I cramped up right after Summit lake and that was my only dismount. If not for the cramp, I think I would have made the entire 28 mile ascent without a dismount. I credit Scott Wallis and his awesome saddle design with my ability to do this, (lots of practice might have something to do with it.) I did not ride my KH/Schlumpf wheel because there is almost no level or descending terrain in the entire race. After the race, I did end up riding all the way down wishing I had that extra gear.
Bondo had a fun day as well, although after the start we didn’t see each other. On his first day of Cokering ever, he made it up to Echo lake, (15 miles of steep uphill) and back. Nice job!
Anyway, for the third year is a row a unicyclist has completed this ride. I ended up crossing the finish line at 3 hours 13 minutes. That is 22 minutes faster than last year! Whee-Hoo! Here is link the Aspen Mike’s definitive write-up on this ride from 2006 Bob Cook Memorial/Mt. Evans Hillclimb

That was a ton of fun!
My first real distance ride, and I pick probably the hardest ride in Colorado.
I feel good about the day, I didn’t make it to the top, but for being woefully under trained and under-prepared I think I did pretty good.

Osmundo has mutant powers. I can’t believe you didn’t dismount but the one time. Amazing!

Even though other riders won the race prizes, Osmundo won the respect of everybody there. At the start many people came up and told us how Osmundo passed them last year, and how amazing they thought that was. Even later, at the beer fest, Someone recognized me as “that unicycle guy”. They said as they were riding up someone shouted “Here comes unicycle guy!!” and they started speeding up only to get passed by Osmundo.Too funny.

Great to meet you M.
Hopefully we can get some more for next year.
Did you ever get found by the NPR people??

Us at the start, Angelic light from the heavens illuminated us and gave us strength. or maybe it was the clif bar…

Mr. Osmundo. Super-human.

Super-human! Huge congrats to both you guys.

Osmundo: props for bettering your time and making such an impression of our sport as a real athletic endeavor, by passing and beating so many bikers!

And Bondo: congrats to you for climbing a 15 mile hill, an amazing feat on any vehicle. Was this really the time you really rode a big wheel for a long distance? Truly amazing, either way! I guess that new Nimbus works for you!

Nice going Osmundo, and Bondo, way to represent! Yesterday was a epic colorado day, the high country was a glowing green carpet. Congrats!

Great job guys. It makes me want to improve my uni skills.
Saturday was a epic Colorado day also. Love the mountains.

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I think I heard you, Bondo, Friday morning. Thanks for the new radio station.



Cool Surf!

Hope you had a great weekend too.

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