bmx wheels

Hi all,
I’m very new to this so please forgive what could be a very silly question.

I’m about to throw out an old bmx. I’m going to keep the tyres as they are a straight fit. This got me wondering if it’s worth keeping the full wheels? Could the rim/spokes be used to make up a new uni wheel or is it not worth it?
Any reason to keep them? Or just skip them.

If the front hub has a 14mm axle you could throw some plates on it and have a pretty good BC wheel.

If it doesn’t have a 14mm axle you might be able to re-use the spokes to re-lace the rim onto a unicycle hub.

I like not throwing away stuff if there is a potential use for it but I have tons of storage space on the farm…

Yeah i’m a bit of a hoarder myself.
My son painted them before, very badly. So i’ll have to find some ideas for rim designs and then work out what hub I would need, still new to this remember. :wink: