BMX Track for training

Last night me and a few friends went out on our uni’s(2 nimbus trials 2005 20"ers and a nimbus 26" muni)

For the first time there was no-one on the BMX track that I ride past fairly regularly so we decided to have a bit of a play. It was great fun with loads of big slopes although some were nearly impossible for us to get up as we are all fairly recent converts to unicycling.

We had a great time even though there were a lot of UPD’s, I was just wondering if many other people train on BMX tracks and if you think it is a good idea for some relatively new riders to be doing it?

Just go for it.

I am a newbie too and at 36 years old I’m extremely timid of anything dangerous. I did, however make my first gravel slope yesterday on my new Onza trials. It was only about 6 feet high with a 25% incline, but until I could muster the courage to “let go” and ride down it, it was impossible!

Any new terrain is fair game fo a uni and will only help you improve or go to hospital :astonished:

The main question should be “Was it fun?” if yes then do some more, if no then go somewher else!

Happy riding,


BMX trails are great for traing on (or riding for fun).
I have one very close by (300 yards) and try to use it to train on. I can remember a time when I thought parts of it may not be possible for riders in Texas. Even now, it’s rare that I clean the entire loop (rolling) without a UPD.

I would recommend training on BMX trails before heading down the sides of mountains (or taking on challenging off-road trails).

The group I ride with frequently uses the local BMX/MTB course to practise on, its great to race down on 24s, and my new 26 just rolls the thing beautifully. I’ve yet to take a coker down it, but one of our group has and almost made it all the way down…



Re: BMX Track for training

I like challenging myself on the local BMX track. I am still amazed
at how tiring 1200 feet of bump can be! It is all rideable, though
three of the bumps are very challenging for me. I have never come
close to ridinng it all in one go.

A half mile ride down the bike path gets me from home to the track,
with just one street crossing. The track is rarely crowded, so access
is no problem. And, the designer of the track is a unicyclist who
rides a custom MUni. Good stuff!

Someone mentioned that unicycles can be extra hard on BMX courses.
This is not a problem where I live with hard dirt and dry weather, but
keep it in mind and be considerate to other users of the track.