"BMX is cooler" "Unicycling is gay"

OK, BMX is cooler. So what?

Unless that guy really loves to hear his own voice, ignoring can be a pretty effective method.

Haha, +1.

And just so y’all know… BMX is cooler than unicycling…

:astonished: I may try (and fail at) BMXing… but it will never be better than unicycling!

You can just imagine this guy doesn’t exist…he will stop bothering when he figure out he is speaking alone like an idiot!

Bmx has its pros, unicycling has its cons. Good thing about bmx is it has flow, its hard to have flow on a unicycle. Good thing about a unicycle is its cooler :roll_eyes:





For a unicyclist yourself, you could have put up a fair fight with the pictures… Unicycles aren’t just for clowns!


I had a coworker once like that…

“Unicycling is gay”
“Computers are gay”
“Canadians are gay”

I finally shut him up with “So, if all 3 of those make me gay, how come I have a hot blonde girlfriend, and you’re not getting any?” :smiley:

The reason I started unicycling is because it’s not a huge sport as BMX is. Also I hate it when people ask me if I’m going to be in the circus (although cirque du soleil would be nice :D) because I’m riding around on a unicycle.

Say to him ‘‘Aah, so you are a master of gay trickery?’’

I can’t remember where i saw / heard that, but I think it’s funny as hell.


if he is going to be a jerk be a jerk back

him: unicycles are gay
you: if they where gay you would be rideing one

him: bla bla blah bla blah
you: take you bmx and shove it up your ass

Oh yea I used gay as a mean term, im not gay but theres nothing wrong with being gay.

those are very immature, un-creative and not very clever.
if you have to resort to homophobic trash-talk and mean shit like that, you’re no better than him.

  • you’re a fag
  • no, YOU’RE the fag
  • uh-uh. YOU’RE the fag
  • no way. You’re the fag

yea sry those are just what I say to the annoying people at my local skatepark

read my edited post

I still don’t think it’s very nice to say to anyone really…

true but if people are going to be a jerk to you should be a jerk back, but i do understand what youre saying

as long as you kinda see my point.
Although, I’ma stay firm in my view that being a jerk back dosn’t make more love, it just makes everyone sad sad. :frowning:

Let me fix that for you.

If people are going to be a jerk to you should show compassion, pardon them, and respond with love.

Here’s another quote that the original poster should take to heart: