"BMX is cooler" "Unicycling is gay"

A class mate of mine who thinks he’s pretty cool and is always bugging me about how BMX is better and unicycling “is gay”.

I will say why?
And he replies with things like…
-More people ride BMX so its cooler
-BMX is sold in stores so its more popular
-You can’t do any “MAD TRICKS” on unicycles

Even if I say it’s personal opinion he will just say “nah its gay”…
Probably pointless arguing with the guy but whats some replies that will just shut him up?

Tell him and show him the “MAD TRICKS” that are done on a unicycle, after that, just ignore the comments he makes. No response or anything. Hell stop soon after taht.

Popularity does not define what is “cooler”. Example: going skydiving is “cooler” than going to the pool but going to the pool is more popular.

Some one did a frontflip… Show him that. Show him Lukes “720” (clean 540) or Hugo’s 540s down sets, or a picnic bench. Show him McMullin’s grinds. Ect. (just don’t show him something like the quadflip, he won’t tell how “mad” that is)

But why even care about what he says!
Cooler is an opinion.

Yea, sure is an opinion bmx’ers can’t get it into there head.

Like most bullies, if you ignore them they go away. He probably just does it to look “cooler”. Ignore him and he will see that it is not anoying you and he will go away.


nah, just get metal pinned pedals and pedal grab his face. That’ll show him whats cooler. or pedal grab his wrists, since he needs them to do bmx lol.

And that’s his personal opinion which he’s entitled to.

This question has been answered.
Use the search function.
Try “sej flip”

Arguing only gives him what he wants…Ignore the foo!

The best thing to do is to shoot fast questions without letting him answer.
Ussually intimidates. Use words like "fool, idiot, arogant…prick if you must :roll_eyes:

Nice advice.

Thanks, it really works. Make sure to get in his face too. People like that have to be dealt with. Even if bmx is cool, so is unicycling, and they should not be compared.

If he is so judgemental, why bother with him? Unicycling is a good way to ferret out the shit heads and the vain valley girls. Quite a bit of people:(, but just ignore them.

The next time he calls you gay, or says unicycling is gay, reply in a very loud voice (for all to hear), “NO, FOR THE LAST TIME, I’M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR GAY LIFESTYLE, AND QUIT BRINGING IT UP!”

I know, not very mature, but neither is he.

just show him the “round 1” vid, and ignore the rest :wink:

just tell him that Unicycling is bigger fun and more challenging to RIDE a uni then RIDE a bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly? Why should you care?

Just reply “Your mom is gay!”.

That’ll shut him up…


-More people go to school throughout the world than ride BMX so according to his logic, school is cooler than BMX.

-Dora the explorer dolls, Winnie the pooh dolls and Barbies are all sold in stores so he thinks they’re popular too.

-Unicyclists are so happy when they ride their unis so they don’t get mad or do mad tricks;).