BMX bike (lots of pictures) - make an offer

If any of you are looking to buy a BMX bike I’ve got something you might want to take a look at. I’m selling my BMX bike because unicycling has taken over my life and I have no time for two wheels any more. Most of the parts on the bike are Primo, but it has an Easton frame and a Kink sprocket. I purchased it from one of my friends who owns his own bike shop. He used to be a semi-professional BMX racer and this was the bike he raced on for a few years. It’s exactly 30 lbs and any damage to it is just scratches. There are no cracks or bends on any parts. I have zip ties on the frame to keep the brake cable next to the frame. The fork also has a pretty cool finish on it.

PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER. Even if you don’t want to buy it, could you tell me what you think it’s worth? I’ve got an idea of what I should sell it for, but I don’t want to say something way off and sound stupid.

Here are the pictures (WARNING: LOTS OF PICTURES):


Two-wheeled freak.

I’d say $200-$250

Thanks. That was exactly the range I had in mind.