bmx/bc wheel picture in "ride bmx magazine"

the title is pretty self explanitory. i was reading a b*ke mag and saw this in a little devil ad. fun looking stuff. wonder if it would be easier than a true BC wheel? i still can’t ride mine. has anyone else seen these photos? made one of these?

the caption reads:

Who Needs breaks?
Actually, who needs a frame, pedals, or a back wheel?
That shit is like so last year. BMX is all about progress so get with the times, son. The nevetr trendy Matt Beringer makes history with a hang five grind on his new “b*ke.”


I think harder…

Looks like hops would be easier because you can hold on to it.

A guy from Detroit had one of those in the 80s; he called it a Bi-u-cycle. pegs on the axles. I called it his Bayou-cycle. It was fun to play with, but this was on flat ground, before anyone had thought of griding rails & stuff.

Oh, that was James Green of the Detroit Uni-Lights Unicycle Club.

Looks fun!
I wouldnt mind trying it.
Might even put some handle bars in the seatpost hole of my 24 (i tried to ride it the other day after riding my nimbus heaps and i couldnt even mount it!!!), and rid the cranks for some pegs.

We should e-mail the amg and tell them about bcs. I think they would like, specially if they liked that grind.

I was just going to post a thread about this. I’m actually in the process of making a unibike right now. I hope to add v brakes with a diatech golfinger brake to my unibike. The unibike has mosty been used by flatland bikers to increase skill and technique in certian flatland tricks. It’s SO easy to make.
flatlandfuel sells them here. (click on store, then complete bikes, then unibike).
and a video on youtube here.

This brings up a question: did flatlanders invent the bc wheel? I’ve seen a video of a guy riding just a wheel with pegs during a flatland compitition.

I want one of those…really badly.

They do look pretty good, I think they will be easyer than a bc wheel. I do think someone should intruduce them to a unicycle though.

I have been a flatlander for over 10 years and many of us have had these types of unibikes. Unidennis hit it right on the head when he said we use it to increase skill and technique in certain flatland tricks. They are great fun. I still ride mine from time to time.

yeah, it would be interesting to see what they think of it.

do it! :wink:

I could make one, but i dont have any pegs…
looks like fun though…the tricks would feel so wierd but it would help wheel walking skills…

I could make one, but i dont have any pegs that are 14mm…i think i got some that are 3/8though
looks like fun though…the tricks would feel so wierd but it would help wheel walking skills…

Thats the same video Dennis linked to.

That guy should be able to unicycle. That’s crazy.

i just made one, and it’s pretty difficult still, kinda like learning to uni all over again,but i can tell its going to be a lot of fun.

The BC wheel was invented thousands of years ago, by cave men.


Realistically, I don’t think Flatland existed, as such, when people were using BC/Impossible wheels. I’m sure they were used by entertainers over 100 years ago. The earliest I remember seeing one was 1980, at the first unicycle convention I ever attended, being ridden by Sem Abrahams. Not sure how long he’d had it at the time.

Nice picture, and the you-tube movie is realy cool to.
Realy cool thing.

Peter M