bmx and unicycle

Too much bmx and not enough unicycle…

cool though


agreed but pretty cool riding

theres something elegant about awkward bicycles doing things that are easy on a unicycle

I love wathing bmx videos, I watch many more bmx videos than i do uni videos.

I like unicycling, but bmx will always be my first love!
Awesome, cheers for a nice change!

Ride on!

Your few clips were really smooth. I love that with your riding. We need a full video of you to showcase your riding.

I also loved the bikes. :slight_smile:


The riding was very good both uni and bmx. The camera shots were a little bad at times but this is an ameature video so all is good.

Can you land any unispins or crankflips?

I think you were in 2 or 3 clips?
I live in Papillion Omaha.

I’ll be off my wrist unicycling agian around saturday or sunday.

aweosme video man.
i hope you come back to bloomington.
cause we’ll ride.