BMW2004/1 South Wales

Right ok what with other stuff i am doing in june the earliest i can organise the south wales bmw is the 10th-11th July.
i know there are other things going on the july but i cant help it.

How many people would be able to come?
(Simon has said he doesnt mind posponeing the cumbria meet)


Aaron and I will be there subject to floods, plagues and such like.


assuming I’m not moving house, I should be free that weekend.


I might be able to make it. Subject to the time of my flights back from/to Athens (I’m working there for all of July and August :slight_smile: but get the weekend of the 10/11th back in the UK). It’s the only weekend there’s any chance of me being at.


I’ll be there. Looking forward to it. It will be a nice rest after ‘Red Bull’.

See you all at the BUC.

Steve :sunglasses:

I’ll be able to make it, it will be difficult to keep me away.

Oooooooooh yes… :slight_smile:


Yup, I’ll come. Probably.


Hopefully I’ll make one of the two days, probly not both as it will be a bit mad at the theatre that fortnight. I’ll need a muni ride to sort my head out that weekend. Good to have one to look forward to.


So des is that weekend the 10th 11th sort of official now? If so I’ll put it in the diary. Do you want it listed in the UUU newsletter? ( going to print in about 4 days.


5 of us look to be available… (2.5 MUNI * 2.5 more flat-surface riders [would they be F-SUNI])


Is that the whole family riding one wheel now MIke?


yeah thats official sarah. yeah feel free to put it in the newsletter.
hope i havent missed the print

Lokking forward to seeing you all

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: