BMW2004/1 South Wales Details

Hello all
So the details for BMW2004/1 South wales are:

We will be camping in the afan forest park campsite which is located on the A4107, six miles from M4 junction 40. Look out for signs for Afan Argoed Countryside Centre.

Camping will be £1.75 per night and drinking water is available, toilets and a washroom is there. Sorry no showers but the nearest campsite to the rides with a shower is 40min drive away so I thought it be better to stay close. If anyone does want to stay with a shower contact me and I will try to sort something. The wash room should be good enough though and there is a b**e wash aswell so we could always hose ourselves down!!

Not too sure about car parking. Usually you have to pay (only £2 per day) but since we are camping we may get away with it or will at least get a discount, we will find out when we get there I suppose. Should be able to sort something with the ranger.

Sorry to mark wiggins and steve (and anyone elso) who may bring there camper/caravan you will not be able to take them into the campsite so a tent would be better. You could sleep in the car park if you really want to stay in the camper/caravan though.

so meeting:
I should get there by about 6pm on fri eve. If anyone gets there before me ask the ranger where the campsite is and he will direct you. As you go into the camp you will see an area on the RHS with bbq’s we can try to have that area for ourselves. It should be ample big enough. If you can find it or the ranger not about phone me on 07736 470768

The onsite café should be open all weekend 9-5ish and is very reasonable so you could always eat there but of course feel free to bring your own food. I think a communal bbq may be nice so I will bring some charcoal and another bbq so if ppl just bring food it would be good.

If anyone is coming on the sat obviously come as early as possible so we can get a full days riding in

The Plan:
This is a very rough guide so just take it with a pinch of salt really but:
Fri 1800 onwards meet up drink beer get to know ppl bbq etc. could do a night ride if ppl are up for it?? (let me know thoughts on that, if ppl are up for the night ride has anyone got lights I could borrow?)
Sat 1000-1100 ish start riding
Sat eve/night more beer maybe a night ride if we don’t do it on fri and just generally have a good time
Sun 1000-1100 do another ride and sadly go home 
We can decide what rides to do when we are there but there are 4 main routes to try and we could always head up the valleys if we feel nessecary but thats about a 50 minute drive

The possible routes:
The wall – 23km one big climb then lots of interesting DH and singletrack. Much of the single track traverses the north side of the afan vally, the trail varies from fast open flowing to tight technical and rooty.
The single track is often exposed on some steep slopes.

Penhydd – 22km
Very varied, fast fire type road climb with technical switchback singletrack through woodland and open singletrack with stunning views. Big climbs and technical decents.

Whites level – 15km
Another mixture of climb and technical singletrack

The new Skyline a massive 46km
Same but different and bigger!!

You get the picture by now

All the routes are clearly signed and will be easy to follow
The people who know me will smile at this comment but the routes are cokerable (for those who like the speed) but there is lots of playing to be done on Muni’s also. If anyone is up for doing the skyline I think I may give it a go but I think a coker/29 would be the best option for this as the distance but anyone on a smaller wheel is obviously more than welcome to join in.
Those of you that enjoy riding coker bring it as it will be good.

I will try to upload some maps f the routes but I have no scanner and campus is shut when I finsish work  but I will try to post them up. if I cant do that there will be plenty available on the day.

Ummm what else
The campsite may be quite busy espeshally on sat so if we could organise sharing tents it would be good.
If anyone has a gazebo they wouldn’t mind bringing then that would be good also.

You can find info about the park on has got some route maps (os in anquet format but you can download a shareware copy) and has got loads of stuff about afan (just do a search)

there are no near shops (nearest is about 20mins away) so try to bring everything you need (don’t forget the beer!)

well I think that’s everything if anyone has any questions email me on or even phone me on 07736 470768 sorry no landline or just put up a post and I will try to check every day.

So please let me know if you are up for the night ride? (and if you could lend me lights :wink: )
And I suppose numbers, who is coming?

Looking forward to seeing you next week

Take it easy

Re: BMW2004/1 South Wales Details


Where can I get foot-long cranks for my muni before next week? :slight_smile:


So it looks like that Maesteg (I’m glad I don’t have to try and pronounce it on here) is the nearest train station and by the looks of things on the map Muniable to the campsite.

I’ll be there, all being well. I’m a bit worried about these routes if Phil thinks he needs long cranks!


You can find maps for two of the routes here (pdf):

The descriptions are a bit over dramatic.

I’ve ridden there on two wheels. I’m not sure it is my definition of ‘cokerable’, but it is a great place to ride. :slight_smile:


Here is a better link to the maps

I really wish I was coming!

I have a parade to do on the saturday.

Have a great weekend, I await the photots! :slight_smile:


to steve C (your email wouldnt work)

yeah sorry there is no shower. i know it makes things a bit awquad but i figured it would be best to stay close to the rides. as i said there is a wash room (basically 2 sinks) and a hose so we SHOULD be able to manage. just try to hope for no rain! if things get desperate though there is a swimming pool about 15mins away so perhaps we could shower there.

local pub - umm - i dont think so as its in the middle of no where. i will have a look. the gazeebo would be good for if it rains a bit of bbq cover.yeah just bring some food.

looking forward to seeing you take it easy

Just out of interest, how much riding will there be on the saturday evening and sunday? I can’t make it for the saturday day ride, but if there’s a night ride on saturday and a decent ride on sunday I’d porbably still come. But if there’s no ride on saturday and only a little one on sunday I’d rather not spend 8 hours on trains to get there.

Sorry to be awkward.


P.S. Phil, you’ve got an e-mail.

Hello john
well i dont know who else will be up for riding on sunday but i will. not sure how many routes we will do on sat (either 2/3 small or the big one or whatever) but i wouldnt mind riding the same trails again anyway. up to you really. and i havent had any feedback on the night ride yet! <come on ppl!>

May see you at the weekend

I’ll be up for some of that, I havn’t any lights on my uni but I should be able to borrow a powerful headtorch which I hope will do.


Hmmm. I would be up for a night ride, but I think I’m gonna have to pass. Bloomin’ job interview… Problem is the alternative is to go this time, but then spend 10 weeks putting numbered pieces of paper in order, which would mean missing the cumbria BMW, because it’s really difficult to unicycle with a brain that’s turned to mush and dripped out of your ears.

Ah well,


Hello all again
just a little note i have got an interview on friday in reading (and i got to travel from south wales!) so i may get to the campsite a little late, but dont worry i will be there!!
who is going to be there fri?
can som1 email me there phone number so i can phone and tell them when i will get there.

see you fri

I plan to be there on the Friday evening. If you need a phone number you probably already have mine from SSMM…


I know we all need need to accrue some gravity karma by doing at least one lap but if anyone fancies a bit of downhill action then we can do it at Afan. It is possible to drive to the top of the last descent of The Wall. 2-3km of singletrack, back to the carpark. That is assuming we can find a few people to share the uplift duties.

Good luck with the interview, Des.


I could of made it to bmw my college thing was canceled last min i had time off work and everything but i told work i could work and i can’t screw them around really o well here’s to next year or the next one!could be in winchester though!

Work more important than unicycling, whatever next :smiley:

There should be another one in Cumbria later this year.

Yeah i might be at college then so probli could not go :angry:

Sadly I too have falen into that trap, the money I earn form work enables me to unicycle in fun places, unfortunatly the work I have to do to earn the money denys me he chance to go to the BMW.
I’m working in the Abbotsbury Sub Tropical gardens today and tomorrow. It could be almost as muddy as the BMW but I think the music will be better. ( its a music fest I’m working on;-) Today whilst crwaling under the stage pulling cables I stopped RIGHT under a leak. I didn’t realise till a stream of water ran down my shoulder and onto my trews and up my sleave and everywhere. SOGGY.

I want my muni.