Here’s another shamless plug for the event which starts tommorrow with my
personal intejections !

Details @

Jumping activities roll on: I’ve made a 2’ ramp, Jerry has already a 1’
ramp on site.

Old rope: Got an old climbing rope today (2000Kg Breaking Strain) plan to (If
okay with Jerry) tie to two trees take tyre off uni and uni on tight rope !
Unicycle tug of War ? Any other mad cap ideas with unis & ropes ?

Pedal Mania: I plan to bring my SPD pedals to try 'em out in front of a crowd
(DON’T hold me to this !)

Come: There’s no stopping you ! Last minute break to the UK ? Cheapflight
Websites are advertising $300 from East Coast, $500 from the West and I guess
$400 from the middle. Jump on a plane, just do it !

See you there

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be there too! BMW2 be there too!